Luminosity replaces Saints with Pandur for ESWC Paris

Luminosity has inserted Pandur into their ESWC Paris lineup in place of Saints.

Photo courtesy of Blazy

After Renato “Saints” Forza informed Luminosity Gaming last week of his inability to attend ESWC Paris, the team began searching for a replacement, finally settling on Casey “Pandur” Romano of XtroVert Esports.

Pandur will be playing with his original team, XtroVert, at MLG Atlanta this coming weekend, but will not play with them for ESWC next weekend, although XtroVert will be attending the event as well.

Pandur is relatively unknown compared to other options that Luminosity may have had, but the publicity he can acquire by playing for one of the most well-known teams in the world will definitely help the 19-year-old in becoming recognized on an international stage.

While this has not yet been confirmed by Luminosity, Brandon “Nelson” McKinney from XtroVert tweeted at Jonathan “Pacman” Tucker to reveal the identity of Luminosity’s substitute for ESWC. Call of Duty fans will definitely have interest in seeing how Luminosity will perform in Paris with Pandur replacing the veteran leadership of Saints.