Altec’s pentakill downs Curse Gaming

One of the bright new stars in the League Championship Series is Johnny “Altec” Ru, the young marksman of Evil Geniuses

One of the bright new stars in the League Championship Series is Johnny “Altec” Ru, the young marksman of Evil Geniuses. Today he showed why by blasting through Curse Gaming, mowing down their entire team to take the pentakill and the match itself.

The 17-year-old League of Legends pro may miss practice to attend high school, but he looked like he didn’t need it today as his team secured an important win, bringing Evil Genius on the level with Curse Gaming at a 4-9 record and one step closer to avoiding relegation.

Ru ran rampant in Curse Gaming’s base as Evil Geniuses pushed to secure an inhibitor, and thanks to Ru, the game.


The crowd watched Curse Gaming’s nexus explode, chanting “Altec! Altec!”

Picked up at the start of the season to replace retiring marksman Peter “Yellowpete” Wüppen, Ru has been a revelation for Evil Geniuses this season. His calling card is his positioning, as he always seems to find the perfect spot to keep himself safe while dishing out tons of damage.

Today he showed how to take advantage of the champion Jinx and her innate traits to secure the pentakill. First he used the speed boost of her passive to position himself perfectly to blow through Curse Gaming’s back line as his Evil Geniuses pushed the enemy inhibitor. Then he used the range of her rockets to pick off the final two Curse members, who were cowering in their fountain, trembling at the carnage unleashed by Ru.

@AltecLoL has been playing like an absolute monster lately

— Eugene Park (@Pobelter) June 28, 2014

But if you look at the numbers, it’s not just lately, as Evil Geniuse mid laner Eugene “Pobelter” Park attests. Ru’s been a monster all season long.

Before today’s match, Ru ranked second in overall KDA in the entire NA LCS with an 8.3 KDA. He also ranked second in totals kills this season with 59 despite missing the first match for Wüppen’s retirement tour. His 9/0/4 line in today’s victory against Curse Gaming will certainly boost those numbers.

Evil Geniuses may only be 4-9 and tied for last with Complexity and Curse Gaming, but the quality of their play is on an upward trend. Performances like today will see them claw their way outside of the bottom two spots in the standings.

It sure helps when you’ve got someone like Ru to take out the entire enemy team.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube