Last chance to take advantage of Smite’s Publisher Weekend deals on Steam

Divine savings.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The Gods and Goddesses of old weren’t always invoked for battle, but oftentimes in hope of prosperous trade.

Today is your last chance to honor those deities by taking advantage of Smite’s Publisher Weekend sale on Steam.

Smite has some pretty sweet deals on Steam thanks to the Publisher Weekend sale. All weekend, key Smite DLC has been offered at a discount in the Steam store. Even though the weekend is over, you still have one last day to take advantage of those deals should they pique your interest.

So what exactly is on sale? Right now on Steam, you can get the Ultimate God Pack, the 2021 Season Pass, and the 2021 Digital Deluxe edition all at a discount. The Ultimate God Pack gives you every current and future God available in the game. Usually, the Ultimate God Pack costs $29.99. Right now you can snag the God Pack for a whopping 80 percent off at $5.99.

Smite’s 2021 Season Pass is usually $39.99 and is available for 35 percent off at $25.99. The Season Pass includes unique content for every God released during the year 2021. For each God released you’ll receive their voice pack, a limited Ascended skin, an additional tier one skin, as well as their clap and wave emotes.

The final item you can snag includes both of the above items at an even greater discount. The Smite 2021 digital deluxe edition is a way for players to purchase the Ultimate God Pack and the Season Pass together for cheaper than if they bought them separately. It also includes some additional unique items only obtainable through the deluxe edition.

In addition to everything included with the God Pack and Season Pass, you’ll also receive the Grand Magus Anubis skin, the Grand Magus loading screen, the Tyrant title, and 1,000 Gems. The 2021 Digital Deluxe edition is usually $59.99 but is at a 50-percent discount for $29.99.

After today everything discounted should return to its original price. If you are interested in any of the deals, you’ll need to get them while they’re hot.