Land Octopus Ovary Location in Elden Ring: How to find and use Land Octopus Ovary

Ever wonder what find Land Octopus Ovaries do or where to find them? We've got you covered.

Image via FromSoftware

In Elden Ring, FromSoftware decided to make consumable items more accessible to players when compared to previous titles. The crafting system new to Elden Ring offers players the opportunity to gather and use the unique items they find around the Lands Between. While players cannot make armor and normal weapons, they can make consumable items, throwing weapons, ammunition for ranged weapons, and more.

FromSoftware heavily encourages exploration by looking consumable creation behind the Cookbooks. These Cookbooks can be found around the world and even purchased from NPCs, and provide players with the knowledge of how to use specific ingredients to craft items. One of these ingredients, the Land Octopus Ovary, has been sought after by players because of what it can create.

Land Octopus Ovary

The Land Octopus Ovary is a crafting item that is dropped from the regular and Giant Land Octopi found on coasts, rivers, and watery areas around the Lands Between. These creatures are aggressive and will attack players even unprovoked. They are not particularly difficult to kill and drop two items. One is the Land Octopus Head and the other is the Land Octopus Ovary.

Here are a few areas where players can find normal and Giant Land Octopus:

  • Western coast of Limgrave – On the beach north of the Coastal Cave Site of Grace
  • South of the Raya Lucaria Academy – Near the Temple Quarter Site of Grace
  • On the hidden path to the Haligtree – There is a room full of regular ones and one gigantic one with a large health pool
  • Agheel Lake – West of the First Steps Site of Grace

How to use the Land Octopus Ovary

The Land Octopus Ovary is used to create a handful of consumable items that are based on blood loss and frostbite build-up. These are valuable for players fighting enemies that cause these status effects by alleviating build-up and slowing down accumulation by increasing the robustness stat. If players have the correct Cookbook, they can craft this item.

Invigorating Cured Meat and Invigorating White Cured Meat

If players have the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [2], they can make these two cured meats. A player’s robustness temporarily increases when they consume these cured meats. Robustness is a defensive stat that increases resistance to hemorrhaging and frostbite. The increase from the white version of this meat lasts longer than the normal version.

To craft:

  • Golden Rowa x3
  • Sliver of Meat (normal version) x1 or Strip of White Flesh (white version) x1
  • Crab Eggs x1
  • Land Octopus Ovary x1

Stanching Boluses

Another consumable created with the Land Octopus Ovary is the Stanching Bolus. Like the cured meat mention above, this consumable is related to blood loss. In this case, it alleviates blood loss accumulation. This is great in a pinch due to the flat percentage-based damage that blood loss does. To craft this item, players must have the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [7].

To craft:

  • Herba x1
  • Cave Moss x1
  • Land Octopus Ovary x1

Bloodboil Aromatic

Unlike the other robustness and blood loss-themed items mentioned above, the Bloodboil Aromatic is a consumable item that raises the player’s maximum attack power and stamina. This comes at the cost of the consumable as well as 21 FP and requires the Perfumer’s Cookbook [2] to craft.

To craft:

  • Altus Blood x2
  • Budding Cave Moss x1
  • Land Octopus Ovary x1
  • Arteria Leaf x1

The addition of the crafting system to Elden Ring offers players even more reason to explore the vast world of the Lands Between and find new ways to engage in combat and counter enemies.