Smash star KDJ retires from competitive gaming

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Melee player, Daniel “KDJ” Jung is leaving Team Liquid and retiring from professional gaming.

Injuries played a big part in Jung’s decision, according to Liquid’s announcement about the news. “For me, leaving the team is the only way I can find closure in this up-hill battle,” Jung wrote, “though I will be leaving the team, I will always be a loyal supporter of Team Liquid.”

Jung first got involved in the Smash scene since the mid 2000s, quickly rising to stardom. He was a major player on the MLG circuit and was one of the few to defeat the King of Smash, Ken “Ken” Hoang. An episode of the Smash Brothers documentary series detailed how his rise wasn’t just remarkable. It was borderline insane.

H/T Team Liquid | Photo via EastPointPictures/YouTube

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