Is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on Steam?

Unfortunately, players will have to find another way to play Wonderlands.

Image via Gearbox/2K Games

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the latest game from Gearbox Software set in the Borderlands universe. Many players can’t wait to get their hands on a copy and go on a new adventure with Tiny Tina. But unfortunately, fans who want to access the new game won’t be able to do so on Steam.

PC players who want to play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on day one will need to purchase it through the Epic Games Store. Wonderlands is a timed exclusive that will likely become available on other platforms once that window runs out. While it’s unknown how long it will be an exclusive, other timed exclusives in the past have typically run for a calendar year.

Wonderlands also isn’t available on any subscription platforms, Xbox, or PC Game Pass. So players who want to play on the console are in the same position as PC owners in that they’ll both need to purchase the game.

That being said, fans can prepare for the newest game by plugging into one of the older Borderlands games available on Steam. Players can even access Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep, which is the basis for this new game. 

This will help players understand whether or not they want to play Wonderlands since there will be some similarities throughout. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has the potential to come to Steam in the future once the exclusivity period on Epic Games runs out.