Is The Quarry free to play?

You'll have to buy this game if you want to experience the story.

Image via Supermassive Games

The Quarry is a new interactive horror game guaranteed to put you on edge as you attempt to help the characters survive the night. Players need to make tough decisions that determine the outcome of the plot and relationships, and some choices mean the difference between life and death.

There are several different endings, meaning you can go through the game multiple times to try and save certain characters or prevent certain events. While this all sounds like a lot of fun, many players wonder if The Quarry is free to play.

Unfortunately for those fans, The Quarry isn’t a free-to-play title. You’ll have to purchase the game to experience the terrifying story. You can buy the game on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The price varies depending on your platform and whether you want the Deluxe Edition or Standard Edition. The Deluxe Edition grants instant access to the Death Rewind feature, allowing you to reverse time to prevent certain deaths throughout the story. This feature becomes available after your first playthrough in the Standard Edition, so don’t worry if you spring for the cheaper option.

The Quarry is a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, so fans of the original game should seriously consider the latest title in the interactive horror genre. The replay value helps ease the pain of dishing out the full price for the game, and committed players can try and make it through the night without letting a single character die.