Is Pro Evolution eFootball free to play?

Football for everyone.

Image via Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA have been the two main competitors in the football genre. Despite its efforts to shake FIFA’s throne, PES always seemed to fall one step short when it came down to popularity. 

Konami decided to come up with a fix for that, however, and the game’s going through a full rebrand for the occasions. PES 2022 that the fans have been waiting for is now called eFootball. There won’t be any need to check your wallet to see if you have enough cash to buy the game, however, since eFootball will be free-to-play (F2P).

With the F2P element on its side, eFootball will be more accessible than FIFA. Players who’d like to pick up a football game without paying anything extra will be inclined to try out eFootball first. As they play more, it’s likely they’ll grow into eFootball and stick with the game that will continue to grow with time.

Aiming for an autumn release, Konami also released a roadmap for eFootball. Shortly after the game’s release, Konami will add crossplay compatibility and also launch more competitive game modes for players to sharpen their skills. With winter approaching, esports tournaments will also be on the horizon for eFootball trainers.

If you’re looking to show what you’re made of in the first official event, practicing as soon as the game comes out should be your best bet. Though there aren’t confirmed details about the tournament system, it could be the very factor that allows eFootball to separate itself from FIFA. With decent prize pools and consecutive tournaments, the most competitive players will find it hard to resist the challenge and the bounty that eFootball can potentially offer.

The F2P nature of the game will also allow Konami to reach a wider audience that can increase its player base to levels that the franchise has never seen before.