Is Kyle Crane in Dying Light 2?

I wish Crane could've seen this game.

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In the original Dying Light game, players took on the role of protagonist Kyle Crane, an undercover agent for the Global Relief Effort (GRE) who’s been dropped into the fictional Middle Eastern city of Harran to retrieve a sensitive file. He eventually severs ties with the GRE and joins up with a group of survivors from the Tower on a quest to find a cure.

At the end of the first game (spoilers ahead), Crane finds the research he needs and delivers it to Dr. Camden, rather than to the GRE who were planning on weaponizing it. Crane opts to stay in the city and help more survivors.

However, following the events of the Dying Light: The Following DLC (more spoilers ahead), Crane is forced to make a choice in front of the Mother, a sentient volatile that leads a cult called the Children of the Sun. If Crane listens to her, she leads him to a nuclear warhead that he activates, eradicating (or purifying if you ask the Mother) all of Harran. If he defies her, she attacks him and forces him to consume an elixir that turned her into a sentient volatile. Crane defeats her, but he eventually becomes infected while in an area populated with civilians.

Well then, does Crane make his way to the sequel then?

Is Kyle Crane in Dying Light 2?

Kyle Crane does not make a literal appearance in Dying Light 2, although he is referenced a handful of times in the game. During the prologue, the new protagonist Aiden’s friend Spike remarks “I wish Crane could have seen this,” as he and Aiden view a sunset vista. Spike appears during the first Dying Light and assists Crane with several tasks. Other characters in Dying Light 2 speak of Crane fondly as well.

The way others speak about Kyle Crane indicates he’s dead, but perhaps just the Kyle that they know is dead. It’s not impossible for the sentient volatile that Kyle becomes at the end of The Following to make an appearance in Dying Light 2 in future expansions.