Is Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer?

Is there a multiplayer option in Guerrilla's new game?

Image via Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West is one of PlayStation’s first AAA exclusives of 2022. Players from all around the world have been enjoying Aloy’s latest set of adventures since the game officially released on Feb. 18.

Like Horizon: Zero Dawn, the prequel to the new Guerrilla Games production, Horizon Forbidden West offers numerous activities that will keep you busy for hours on end. But is there a multiplayer mode that will allow you to explore the vast open world with your friends?

Unfortunately, the answer is no at the moment. Horizon Forbidden West is a single-player game and there are currently no options for co-op or multiplayer modes.

The developers have, however, added one option in the new game that will allow you to share your adventure with a friend or anyone you invite to play with you. It’s called Co-Pilot and it’s simple to turn on.

To use Co-Pilot, you need to have a second account on the PlayStation platform. In this mode, you can switch control of Aloy using two different controllers.