Is Deltarune a sequel to Undertale?

Developer Toby Fox didn't give a straight answer.

Image via Toby Fox

Undertale was a massive success when it was released in 2015 and many fans were hoping to see more of the characters’ stories after the game ended. So when Toby Fox released Deltarune‘s first chapter three years later, fans immediately asked if it was a sequel to his previous work.

It should be a simple matter of yes or no, but Toby Fox had a more complicated answer. On the FAQ page of Deltarune‘s official website, Toby Fox writes that fans shouldn’t “worry too much about that.”

Although Deltarune has a similar aesthetic to Undertale, they don’t happen in the same world. What happens in Deltarune‘s story won’t affect the characters and the ending you got in Undertale.

That doesn’t mean that the games are completely unrelated, however, since Toby Fox explicitly advertised the game for those who finished Undertale. Even though the rules of Deltarune‘s world might be different from Undertale‘s, the developer still wrote “that doesn’t mean there will be no connections at all though.”

In the end, Toby Fox is right and fans should enjoy his new work without getting hung up on his previous game. He was so worried that players would have such high expectations for the next game that anything he’d make would be underwhelming.

He already said he can’t replicate the same “feeling” of Undertale and that Deltarune will be simpler in comparison. So the final answer is that Deltarune might have a connection with Undertale, but it’s a game with a story and world of its own.