Is Dead by Daylight crossplay/cross-platform?

You can enjoy the game with friends on almost any platform.

Dead by Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is an intense game that is more fun when you have a group of friends trying to survive against the deranged killer. It’s also exciting when one of your friends is trying to kill you before you escape, resulting in memorable moments and fun interactions.

It was tough to enjoy Dead by Daylight at launch with a group as it didn’t support crossplay, meaning your entire group needed to be on the same system or platform. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and players can play with their friends regardless of the platform or console. 

Dead by Daylight supports crossplay on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. You can play with friends on any console without issue, making it an accessible game for players everywhere. All you need to do is navigate to the Options menu and find the Online section to ensure crossplay is enabled. 

The only exception is the mobile version of Dead by Daylight, which doesn’t currently support crossplay on other platforms. IOS and Android players can enjoy the game together without issue, however, just not with other platforms. 

Players that enjoyed Dead by Daylight when it first launched should consider diving back in if crossplay was the main reason for their departure. A pre-determined group can significantly improve the experience and prevent players from dealing with random players online in every game. But try not to let the game create a rift in your friendship if your buddy violently kills you before you can escape.