YouTube’s wannabe Twitch killer is official: Meet YouTube Gaming

When you think about video in the gaming market, two big names come to mind

Image via YouTube Gaming

When you think about video in the gaming market, two big names come to mind. For watching video-on-demand, like Lets Play videos, walkthroughs and reviews, you go to YouTube. But when you crave the live experience, whether to watch the latest esports event or your favorite personality mess around, you go to Twitch.

This Summer, that could change. YouTube Gaming is angling to reach into that Twitch audience by releasing a new app and website to create a community that brings the current YouTube gaming community together with the tools to live stream on a single platform.

Introducing YouTube Gaming. Level up.

(Details incoming)

— YouTube Gaming (@YouTubeGaming) June 12, 2015

While YouTube already features live streaming capability, including perks like 60 frames-per-second streaming, it lacks some of the functionality that makes Twitch go. That will change with YouTube Gaming. The company has updated its live stream experience to cater to the gaming audience and created a hub for that community to really grow.

Our brand-new user experience puts games front and center, including live gaming.

— YouTube Gaming (@YouTubeGaming) June 12, 2015

The front page of YouTube Gaming will feature live streams “front-and-center,” and it’s improving the functionality that drives community involvement like chat and moderation.

For some in the esports world, this comes as no surprise. YouTube had been courting prominent content creators and teams for months, news that the Daily Dot broke in March.

#Squad @OpTicGaming is in the YouTube building with @Fwiz @optich3cz @OpTic_NaDeSHoT@OpTicJ

— YouTube Gaming (@YouTubeGaming) June 12, 2015

That’s really going to be one of the key factors in how YouTube Gaming is perceived—content is king, and can YouTube really win over the personalities and league who made Twitch big? 

As for Twitch, it may be good for the billion-dollar behemoth to finally receive some true competition in the live streaming market.

. @YouTubeGaming Welcome Player 2. Add me on Google+. #kappa

— Twitch (@Twitch) June 12, 2015

That’s just bad manners, Twitch. But while YouTube may be Player 2 compared to the company that really kicked off the live-streaming boom in gaming, it’s also its first real competitor, one capable of building a product on the same scale.

The YouTube Gaming Twitter contains more tidbits and screenshots, but the place to really experience the new initiative is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week.