HTC Throwdown 2015 Results

This weekend featured two major Super Smash Bros. events, the first being HTC Throwdown.

This weekend featured two major Super Smash Bros. events, the first being HTC Throwdown. The tournament took place in San Francisco, California and promised a pot bonus of $10,000 for singles and $2,000 for doubles, paid for by the title sponsor, HTC Corporation. The winner of the event will also have all of their expenses for DreamHack Winter, taking place in Jönköping, Sweden in November, paid for.

Super Smash Bros. Melee – Singles

1st: [TSM] Leffen

2nd: [TL] Hungrybox

3rd: [GC] Silent Wolf

4th: Drugged Fox

5th/6th: [COG] Mew2King

5th/6th: [SS] Colbol

7th/8th: [WFX] Shroomed

7th/8th: SFAT

Super Smash Bros. Melee – Doubles

1st: [COG] Mew2King and [TL] Hungrybox

2nd: [Fe] MacD and [TSM] Leffen

3rd: [CLG] PewPewU and SFAT

Some may notice that [C9] Mango’s name is absent from the top eight listing. In the biggest upset from the entire event, MacD defeated him 2-1 in Loser’s Round 4. Before that he was put into loser’s by Drugged Fox while MacD was upset by FruitLoop in the first round. This caused Mango’s lowest placing (17th) during a major in several years and the lowest a “God” has finished while playing seriously in tournament play since the concept of that title was introduced.

This marks [TSM] Leffen’s first tournament win since Super Smash Con in August. Between then and now he had been beaten at PAX, Heir II the Throne and Paragon L.A. 2015. It was also both Silent Wolf’s and Drugged Fox’s highest placings at an event with any of the “Gods” in attendance. They’re two players that will be interesting to watch, Silent Wolf having just won Northwest Majors 7.

Notably absent from the event was Alliance player Armada, the EVO 2015 champion, and Tempo Storm Westballz. Both players opted instead to attend DreamHack London, which offered a much larger prize pool of $20,000 for singles. The players that decided to attend the HTC event did so largely due to sponsor obligations and committing to it before DreamHack London was even announced.

Tomorrow we’ll also get to find out who wins DreamHack London! What do you think about these results? Let us know in the comments below and remember to follow us here at eSports Guru for all your Super Smash Bros. news.