How to use the power-up pass in Madden 21

Use them wisely.

Image via EA Sports

Power-up pass is a strong card that’ll need to be in every somewhat competitive Madden player’s arsenal.

It’s a special card in the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode that allows players to bypass accessing certain “Core Elite” cards when upgrading their players. It’s more or less essential because they’re earned by simply playing the game, not by luck of the draw.

In MUT, players are upgraded with “training” points, but once they reach a certain level, you need different cards to continue their progression. That’s where the power-up pass comes in. Use it on players you plan on keeping around for a while, because they’re rare and you won’t get it back.

You can earn them through special events, raising your MUT level, and doing daily missions.

To use the power-up pass, go to your Item Binder. Once you find the card you want to upgrade, use your training points to upgrade the card until you can’t any more. You’ll receive a prompt to select a player item. Head back to your Item Binder and select the power-up pass.

Playing MUT is similar to playing the stock market with how the upgrade system and power-up passes work. Make sure you want to keep or trade the card you use the power-up pass on—you won’t get it back once it’s used.