How to use the Gaze of the Deep in Genshin Impact

Nothing but a simple geometry test.

Image via miHoYo

Players get to solve many puzzles throughout their adventures in Genshin Impact. Though simple ones can be completed within seconds, some puzzles may require you to put your thinking cap on to get through.

With the Odyssey event going live, players will get to interact with the Gaze of the Deep, a puzzle mechanic. It’s currently available in the Immernachtreich Apokalypse—Fischl’s Mirage. Despite being a rather simple puzzle, it may take some time to complete unless you know what you need to look for.

How can you use the Gaze of the Deep in Genshin Impact?

Once you step into Fischl’s Mirage, the Gaze of the Deep will show up in the form of statues. When players interact with them, they’ll get to realign structures in the Immernachtreich.

Whether it’s a castle part or broken stairs, you’ll get to repair them by interacting with the Gaze of the Deep statues that glow purple. To connect the pieces, you’ll need to use your camera to find the right angle and zoom the right amount until it looks like the pieces are connected. If you successfully make the pieces look like they’re connected, a small purple circle will start flashing inside the bigger one. You can then complete the puzzle and exit the camera.

Repairing these structures allows players to progress more into the kingdom and continue their journey. You’ll continue to find more Gaze of the Deep puzzles that will continue to unlock more parts of the adventure.