How to unlock weapon modifications in Shatterline

Become the architect of weapon modifications.

Image via Frag Lab LLC

Shatterline has broken through the FPS glass ceiling by including countless weapon modifications, with developers Frag Lab LLC clearly focusing on customization to separate their titles from the rest.

Shatterline includes some tried and tested game modes, and adds layers to a successful formula with a wide variety of operators with special abilities, and a huge selection of weapons.

The cherry on top is the weapon modifications for each gun. 

How to unlock Shatterline weapon modifications

Shatterline lets players use crafting stations to create weapon modifications. These modifications create unique perks and change the appearance.

Blueprints are necessary to mix up your weapons, and by collecting 450, players can craft a random modification to their weapon of choice.

Image via Frag Lab LLC

How to get blueprints for weapon modifications in Shatterline

Blueprints can be earned by completing daily missions and completing expeditions. They can also be found by completing weekly tasks, events, in Versus, first wins, and through playing the game. 

Players have taken to Reddit to share their concerns regarding how long it takes to achieve a weapon modification. Users complained about the ridiculously long grind to get all the modifications in the game, with one Redditor in the ShatterlineFPS subreddit calculating it’ll take roughly 73 weeks to complete all weapon modifications.

Devs claim they’ve compensated for the changes with an increased amount of blueprints gathered in each daily task.

Either way, it looks like Shatterline players will have to get grinding.