How to unlock Jango Fett’s Starship (Slave I) in Lego Star wars: The Skywalker Saga

Looking to find some cool ships in Lego Star Wars? Here's one you don't want to miss!

Image via Lego

The wait is finally over. Warner Brothers released Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on April 5, 2022. This has been a long-awaited addition to the Lego Star Wars series and includes the stories from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace all the way to The Rise of Skywalker. It boasts an incredible amount of content, players will not have trouble finding things to do.

Within its vast variety of content, players can unlock different characters and travel to other planets using unlockable ships. These are pilotable ships that pay homage to the unique ships in the franchise and are even used in some dogfight-based missions. Currently, there are 119 different ships in the game, and each has their own way of unlocking them. One ship, in particular, that players are looking to get their hands on is the Slave I.

How to unlock the Slave I

The Slave I is Jango Fett’s ship that eventually was inherited by Jango’s son, Boba Fett. It is one of the most unique ships in the franchise due to it laying on its back-side when docking or landing. The ship is locked behind some main story missions within Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Players will have to progress with Obi-Wan as he investigates the assassination attempt on Padme’s life. They’ll eventually find themselves on Kamino, a stormy and watery planet where the army of clones is being created. The final mission of the area is to fight Jango Fett.

Once he is defeated, players can return to Kamino and find a set of keys where the fight with Jango took place. Unfortunately, the keys only unlock the ability to purchase the ship in the shop and it costs 200,000 studs, but it is well worth it for one of the coolest ships in the galaxy.