How to unlock characters in Rogue Company

All of Rogue Company's agents are available to you, for the right price.

Image via First Watch Games

Rogue Company has finally left open beta, and with a total of 25 Rogues now on offer in the game’s ever-increasing cast list, it’s a perfect time to jump in and experiment with all the available characters and their kits.

Every new player starts with six free Rogues: Ronin, Saint, Trench, Dima, Dallas, and Anvil. There are several methods to unlock additional characters to add to your collection, both for free through just playing matches and via premium bundles and currencies. The cost of each Rogue can vary, though, with newer releases often saddled with higher prices.

Here are all the different ways to unlock new characters in Rogue Company:

Screengrab via First Watch Games


For players looking for a free option, Reputation will be the path to take. Players can purchase every Rogue with Rogue Company’s free currency, and prices range from 10,000 Reputation to 21,000 at the high end based on how recently the character was added to the roster.

To earn Reputation, all you have to do is simply complete matches. Leveling up your account will grant stacks of Reputation, further elevating the amount earned through the daily login and contracts system. Contracts are Rogue Company’s version of daily challenges, and three are available every day, rewarding 300 to 400 Reputation each. Daily login rewards vary from being XP boosts to the premium Rogue Bucks currency, but most rewards come in the form of Reputation. Logging in on most days throughout three weeks will grant stacks of 250 Reputation to add to your wallet.

Rogue Bucks

If you want to skip the grind, Rogue Bucks is a premium currency used to purchase Rogues. All Rogues cost between 500 and 700 Rogue Bucks based on their release, putting their real-world prices around the $5 to $7 mark.

Most Rogue Bucks will have to be bought through the in-game store, but you can also earn some for free through the daily login reward system and the free track of the Battle Pass.


Screengrab via First Watch Games

Rogue Company also offers several premium bundles that include a variety of characters if you want to buy in bulk. Currently, the three available bundles are the Rogue Edition, the Year 1 Pass, and then a combination bundle at a discounted price.

The Rogue Edition includes eight characters released before season one, while the Year 1 Pass features the eight characters released as part of that first season. Both bundles cost $25 each and offer 500 additional Rogue Bucks.