How to unlock the Bushido Gear set in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Each piece of this gear provides a significant boost to one of your character's base stats.

Image via Nintendo

Mario Strikers: Battle League, the latest installment of the Mario soccer video game series, officially launched for Nintendo Switch on June 10.

There are 10 playable characters in total, including the iconic duo of Mario and Luigi, and each character has different base stats and its own Hyper Strike, a type of shot that triggers a unique animation. It’s possible to buff and decrease stats through gears, and the Bushido Gear set is the one available at the launch of Mario Strikers.

There are four items in the Bushido Gear set—the Helmet, Bracers, Armor, and Sandals. Each one of the items will significantly boost one of the stats (Passing, Strenght, Speed, Shooting, and Technique) while taking one point away from the other four remaining stats. The items in the Bushido Gear set look as follows:

  • Bushido Helmet: +4 Passing, -1 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shooting, -1 Technique
  • Bushido Armor: +4 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shooting, -1 Passing, -1 Technique
  • Bushido Bracers: +4 Technique, -1 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shooting, -1 Passing
  • Bushido Sandals: +4 Speed, -1 Strength, -1 Shooting, -1 Passing, -1 Technique

How to unlock the Bushido Gear set in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

To unlock the Bushido Gear set and be able to acquire it with Coins, players must complete the training section first and then head to the Cup Battles section, where they have to complete the Cannon Cup, Trick Cup, Chain Cup, Muscle Cup, and Turbo Cub to unlock the Championship Cup.

Once the Championship Cup is unlocked in Mario Strikers, complete it in normal difficulty to unlock the Bushido Gear set. Then, all players have to do is head to the Gear Store and purchase each of the four items (Helmet, Armor, Bracers, Sandals) for 300 Coins each.