How to transfer Deltarune chapter one save files to chapter 2

You don't have to worry about it.

Image via Toby Fox

Deltarune‘s chapter two is finally launching on Sept. 17. The first chapter was released in 2018 and is directed to those who complete Undertale, from the same developer Toby Fox.

After three years, you might not have your save files from the first chapter, but according to Deltarune‘s official website, you won’t be needing them to play chapter two. You’ll just have to remember what happened in the story and “you’ll be fine.”

If you still have Deltarune‘s chapter one installed, however, the save data is automatically generated when you see the credits of the game, just go to sleep in your bed at the end of the chapter.

Since the first chapter didn’t have alternative endings, you should be fine by just starting the second chapter without the save file of the first one, though.

Deltarune chapter one is available for free on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Chapter two will only be initially available on PC, and it will be released on Sept. 17 at 7pm CT.