How to throw a high pass in Madden 21

Every player needs to know how to throw a high pass.

Screengrab via EA Sports

Understanding how to pass the ball in Madden 21 is a fundamental concept every player needs to master. A new or inexperienced player may press the corresponding button to throw the ball to a receiver, but there are better ways to make it more difficult for the defense to intercept or block the ball. 

Players can high pass in Madden 21, which will launch the ball further in the air and make it difficult for any player besides the intended receiver to catch the ball. Players can perform a high pass by holding the L1/LB button on PlayStation and Xbox as they press the button for a receiver. 

If done correctly, the quarterback will throw a high pass that only the receiver can catch, or the ball will be overthrown. Defenders should not be able to catch a high pass, which makes it a useful strategy in some situations. 

But it is important to remember a high pass leaves the receiver vulnerable while they attempt to catch the ball. This can lead to an injury or big hit on the receiver, which can pull them out of the game or cause them to drop the ball. 

Do not throw a high pass if there is a high risk of your receiver getting hurt, as it can negatively impact your team for the rest of the game. But a high pass can be a valuable strategy when used correctly.

Remember to experiment with high passes in Madden 21 to learn the best way to use the technique.