How to sprint and run faster in Dying Light 2

There isn't a traditional sprint ability.

Image via Techland

Mastering the movement mechanics in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is essential if you want to survive the deadly environment. Knowing how to escape danger is half the battle, especially when you have dozens of zombies beneath your feet. Managing your stamina is also crucial since losing your grip while 100 feet in the air can be deadly. 

Veteran Dying Light players might be confused at the start since there isn’t a sprint button like in the first game. Instead, you’ll have to unlock a few abilities to run faster. The first ability that increases movement speed is Dart. This allows players to temporarily increase their speed by holding down a button, allowing them to make it across wider gaps or reach higher ledges. You can also wall run longer while using the Dart ability. 

The next skill that increases movement speed is Dash. This ability lasts as long as you have Stamina, meaning you can quickly cover significant distances. Just make sure to use your Stamina wisely. 

The final skill that increases speed is Afterboost, which grants a burst of speed after completing parkour moves like climbing and active landing. This isn’t a sprint, but it does help when moving across rooftops. 

Each of these skills requires a Parkour Point to unlock. You’ll also need 240 Stamina for Afterboost, so acquiring all three skills will take a while. Focus on unlocking Parkour skills and you’ll secure these skills in no time.