How to solve Wordle puzzle 303: 5-letter words that end with ‘IR’

A little help for today's Wordle.

Screengrab via New York Times

Trying to figure out what words can come before a combination of two end letters in Wordle is one of the trickiest parts of the game. With only five letters to work with, having two letters at the end is a blessing and a curse. While players know what they need to end the word, it’s not a certainty that words that end in those letters will come to players so easily.

This is a conundrum that could be affecting players with Wordle puzzle 303. For players who might be struggling with it, there’s a good chance that they know the two ending letters of “I” and “R.” Unfortunately, words that end in “IR” aren’t so readily apparent compared to other Wordles. For help on that front, check out the list of words in the English dictionary that end in “IR.”

  • aesir
  • astir
  • chair
  • choir
  • deair
  • eyrir
  • fakir
  • faqir
  • flair
  • glair
  • jagir
  • kafir
  • kefir
  • mudir
  • nadir
  • nazir
  • quair
  • sabir
  • speir
  • stair
  • sweir
  • tapir
  • their
  • vezir
  • vizir
  • wazir

As players can see, there are a ton of unconventional words on this list. From “Kefir” to “Vezir,” most Wordle enthusiasts will not have heard of most words that end in “IR.” There are a few that stand out from the pack, such as “Stair” and “Their.”

It’s important to remember that traditionally, the Wordle is usually going to be a common word. So uncommon words like the ones listed above shouldn’t be a player’s first guess unless they’re out of options or the word fits their guess perfectly.