How to solve Wordle puzzle 297: Words that start with ‘R’ and end with ‘L’

Figure out what words might fit the day's Wordle.

Screengrab via New York Times

Sometimes, the letters just don’t fall correctly when you’re playing Wordle. Whatever starting word users select might not have any of the letters in that day’s Wordle or it might only give them one letter’s correct position. If this happens, users need to tread carefully, as they can run out of guesses fairly quickly with not much information to go on.

If a user finds themselves in a specific sticky situation, such as having an “R” at the start and an “L” at the end of their word, then they can read the list of words below that share this same structure. This list will help players try and figure out Wordle 297 on April 12.

  • ramal
  • ratal
  • ratel
  • ravel
  • rebel
  • recal
  • refel
  • regal
  • renal
  • reoil
  • repel
  • revel
  • rigol
  • rival
  • rivel
  • riyal
  • romal
  • roral
  • rotal
  • rowel
  • royal
  • rubel
  • rugal
  • rumal
  • rural

This is every word that begins with R and ends with L that Wordle will accept. There are definitely a few words on this list that won’t look familiar to Wordle players, but rest assured, the game will accept them if players type them in and press “Enter.”

However, we don’t recommend guessing words that are less common than others. While sometimes Wordle will use an uncommon word, it’s usually a word that most people have heard before.

There’s no real strategy for guessing words if all users have on their Wordle line are R and L. There are several words that contain each of the five vowels. Also, there’s no single letter that appears more often than another on the list of words.

As is usually the strategy for Wordle guesses, users want to first figure out what vowels are in the word and then worry about where the other consonants go.