How to solve Wordle puzzle 296: Words that end in ‘AD’

Wordle 296 is one of the game's trickier puzzles in recent memory.

Screengrab via Wordle

Wordle 296 is one of the tougher Wordle challenges released in the last few weeks. It ends in a very specific pair of letters, while also containing a less-popular letter that hasn’t popped up in many Wordle games in recent memory.

Here’s how to solve today’s Wordle puzzle, just in case you’ve been stumped by its unique circumstances. 

The two most distinct and popular letters in today’s Wordle 296 puzzle are A and D, which luckily appear in succession at the back end of the word. Within your first few guesses, you should be able to deduce that today’s word ends in AD.

With that in mind, there are only a few five-letter words that end in AD, and many of them, such as dread, salad, ahead, and dryad, include repeated letters. Thankfully, today’s Wordle 296 puzzle does not include repeated letters. That leaves words such as nomad, tread, bread, and others still on the table. 

Screengrab via Wordle, The New York Times

If you prefer to solve Wordle puzzles by guessing all five vowels as soon as possible, you’ll discover that the letter U is present directly in the middle of today’s word, meaning that the word ends in UAD. A great tip in Worlde is to look for Qs when you uncover a U (or vice versa) since Q is almost always followed by U in English words. Today’s word also includes a QU sequence at letters two and three.

If you’ve figured out the final three letters of today’s word, UAD, then you’re very much in the clear since there’s only one five-letter word in the English language that ends in UAD: Squad, the answer to Wordle 296.