How to sign up for the Dune: Awakening beta

All it takes is a couple of clicks

A screenshot showing a man with an oxygen tube and dust covered face
Screengrab via Funcom

At the Gamescom Opening Night Live, a lot of surprises were introduced for the first time. One of those upcoming games was revealed to be an open-world Dune game called Dune: Awakening. While not much was revealed in the trailer, players can sign up for the beta now before it releases. To do so, you’ll just need to navigate to the Dune games website.

Here’s all you need to know about how to sign up for the Dune: Awakening beta.

How to sign up for the Dune: Awakening beta

To sign up for the beta, you need to go to and enter your email at the bottom of the screen. After inputting your email, click the “Sign up for the beta” button. There is a notice that states you will receive updates, special offers, and other information related to Dune: Awakening in your email. This is also how you will be contacted to join future beta tests for the game.

By scrolling through the website, you can look at different concept art from the game showing dusty landscapes. Scrolling further will show you some of the features that will be a part of the new Dune: Awakening game. This includes that players will try to survive on the most dangerous planet, explore the ruins, and hunt for spice blooms across the landscape.

The website also stresses that players will be able to create their own story in this new Dune title, building a character and base that’s suited to them. While there is no release date yet, players on Steam can wishlist the game starting today.