How to revive NPCs in Elden Ring

Forgive me father.

Image via FromSoftware

NPCs are a core part of Elden Ring. Each NPC in the game comes with unique characteristics, and they can be attacked or killed. Considering how annoying some NPCs can be, giving them a quick slashing can feel rewarding at first until you realize they were the quest giver of a future quest line that you wanted to complete.

FromSoftware seems to believe in second chances, however, since it’s possible to revive NPCs in Elden Ring. If you’ve just killed an NPC in Elden Ring and instantly regret your decision, here’s what you can do to revive them.

How can you revive NPCs in Elden Ring?

Players can revive the NPC of their choice by completing the following steps.

  • Go to the Church of Vows.
    • Make your way to the Artist’s Shack which you can find on the northeastern part of the Liurnia of Lakes.
    • Once you’re there, navigate to the northwestern plateau to find the Church of Vows.
  • Head inside the Church of Vows and use a Celestial Dew.
  • When players use a Celestial Dew in the Church of Vows, their past crimes against NPCs will be forgiven, and they’ll be right where you first found them.

Completing the process above also brings back the NPCs that disappeared due to various reasons. Even if you’re careful around NPCs not to hurt them, accidents can happen. Sellen, for example, disappears quickly when players attack her, and she’ll also be revived when players use a Celestial Dew inside the Church of Vows.

Where to find Celestial Dews

The quickest way to find Celestial Dews will be through purchasing them from the Nomadic Merchant or Pidia, the Carian Servant. The Nomadic Merchant sells the item for 7,500 Runes, while Pidia lists it at 5,000 Runes.

If you’d like to go on another adventure and find your own Celestial Dews, you can visit the Uhl Palace Ruins, Night’s Sacred Ground, Nokron, and Nokstella, the Eternal City.

Where do you revive NPCs in Elden Ring?

All NPCs in Elden Ring can be revived in the Church of Vows. Players will need to use a Celestial Dew in the Church of Vows to revive all NPCs in the game. Players can even revive Boc the Seamster and prevent his death. Players looking to save Boc’s life will need to believe in him and encourage him with good wishes.