How to pre-register for NBA All-World

A testing period is on the way for early adopters.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has announced its next project, partnering with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and NBA Players Association, along with developer HypGames, to launch NBA All-World

All-World is an entirely unique basketball experience being developed for augmented reality (AR) that will see players challenging each other and famous NBA players to games at over 100,000 different basketball courts around the world. 

The game will have players competing to dominate virtual leaderboards at select locations, playing one-on-one games with varying modes using ​​tap and swipe controls that aim to give a distinct basketball feel. This will be done by pushing players to get out, climb the ranks, and dominate your local courts through quick and accessible gameplay that keeps players engaged.  

There are several elements of collection and customization being added too, with players able to challenge current NBA players they encounter at courts. Beating a player in a first-to-five shooting challenge will allow you to recruit them to your team and increase your Team Level, which will help you recruit stronger players. 

And as Niantic ramps up to a full launch later this year, players can pre-register for a chance to gain access to the soft launch testing phase of All-World in the near future. 

All you need to do to pre-register is head over to the All-World website and enter your email address, date of birth, and region. Submitting that will put your name in the hat for potential soft launch access when it goes live.