How to play the Public Test Build (PTB) in Dead by Daylight

Step one: play on Steam.

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If you want to get a taste of Dead By Daylight‘s latest killer or try out the new perks, then you might just get in a new patch early if you access the game’s Public Test Build (PTB). The PTB is essentially a preview of the latest patch coming to the game, with the new killer-survivor pair available for testing and theorycrafting.

The PTB is only available for Steam, however, so console players will have to wait until a new chapter releases to try out for themselves in full. Many prominent DBD streamers broadcast their time in the PTB, offering all players a way to see the new additions of each chapter if they don’t have access to the test build.

The PTB usually opens approximately three weeks before the release of a new chapter and stays open for a short time (usually a week). During that window, all players on Steam can try out the new features hands-on, offering feedback in regards to balancing and even possible bugs. Progress on PTB doesn’t transfer to the live version, so the goal behind participating in it is testing out the novelties.

Here’s how to access DBD‘s Public Test Build to try out the latest content before it hits live servers.

How to play the Public Test Build (PTB) in Dead by Daylight

The PTB is only available for Steam players. On your Library, right-click Dead By Daylight and go into the Properties tab. After the DBD menu opens, click Betas and select public-test, which will enable access to the PTB. This will also change your game’s name in the library.

To sign out, revert the process and opt-out of any beta programs. You can alternate between the PTB and the live version by opting in or out of the respective betas.


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