How to play Shakirri in Crucible

Become the blade master.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Amazon’s new free-to-play third-person team shooter, Crucible, is now available to download on Steam. On release, there are 10 unique characters to choose from.

Shakirri is a dual-class hunter, wielding both a long sword and a pistol. She can switch between the two at any time. To master the First Blade of Na Dakkaru, players will need to evaluate fights and swap between the weapon stances when the moment is right.


Starlock Energy (passive): Pistol energy regenerates over time.

Shoot / Swing (left click): Fires pistol or swings sword, depending on the stance.

Disrupting Strike / Aim Down Sights (right click): In sword stance, unleash an energy wave that disrupts opponents. In pistol stance, hold to improve weapon accuracy. Slows movement while in pistol stance.

Weapon Swap (left shift): Toggle between sword and pistol as your primary weapon. Sword stance moves faster.

Force Dome (Q): Creates a dome that blocks enemy attacks and prevents enemies from crossing.

Holo-Shield (E): Deploys a force shield that deflects projectiles and blocks melee attacks.

Essence upgrades

Level one (choose one)

Extended Lunge: Increases sword attack range by 25 percent.

Starlock Capacitator: Increases maximum pistol energy from six to eight shots.

Noble Shield: Holo-Shield width increased.

Level two

Empowered Deflect: Deflected shots inflict 50 percent more damage.

Level three (choose one)

Synergistic Blade: Increases word damage by 3 percent for each remaining shot of pistol energy.

Freezelock Pistol: Pistol shots slow opponents by 10 percent for 1.5 seconds to a maximum of 30 percent.

Healthy Gambit: Abilities recharge +15 percent when health is above 70 percent.

Level four

Force Dome Overcharge: Force Dome’s health and duration increased by 50 percent.

Level five (choose one)

Strike to the Heart: Disrupting Strike inflicts 1,500 damage over three minutes.

Restorative Dome: Force Dome heals you and allies in it.

Tips and tricks to playing Shakirri

Switching weapons frequently is key to mastering Shakirri’s playstyle. Her pistol can only be reloaded when swapping to her sword, so players should take advantage of her close-range play and Disrupting Strike ability when ammo runs low.

Shakirri’s Holo-Shield can be used when approaching enemies in a closer range, while she can use her Force Dome when in need of a breather.