How to play offline in Escape from Tarkov

Use the Offline mode to learn the game.

escape from tarkov
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Escape From Tarkov has one of the highest learning curves and can be difficult for new players jumping in for the first time. Most players will lose more items than they gain and will constantly be killed by higher-skilled players lurking in the shadows.

But there is an easy way to learn the various maps and game mechanics without risking your gear: the Offline mode. 

Offline mode allows players to explore the maps without facing real opponents. This is an excellent way to learn maps, figure out your keybinds, and adapt to the tedious combat and gameplay of Escape From Tarkov

To enter the Offline mode, select PMC in the main menu. You cannot play as a Scav in Offline, but you will not lose any items if you die. After selecting PMC, you can pick whichever map you want to explore. 

Once the map is selected, players will be prompted with a screen asking if they want to enable Offline mode for the raid. Select the box to enable the mode, and more customization options will appear below it. 

Players can set the weather to random, enable a random time of day, adjust the AI setting, or disable AI enemies altogether. There are also options to toggle bosses and Scav War, which can make the game more exciting. 

If you want a tough challenge, enable the Tagged and Cursed option. This means that once you engage an enemy AI, the remaining AI opponents will hunt you for the rest of the game. If you are new to Escape From Tarkov, it is best to leave this option disabled. 

After customizing the game to your liking, you will drop into the raid as usual. You will not keep any items or weapons, but you will also save all the gear you take in with you. Take advantage of the Offline mode to learn the game to avoid being an easy target in an online raid. 

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