How to play Gran Turismo 7 split screen

Grab your steering wheel.

Screengrab via Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo fans will welcome the franchise’s latest addition on March 4. Tracks are likely to be filled with nostalgia, and the whole experience is likely to get even better with friends.

While you can always invite your friends to an online session, it doesn’t beat the feeling that you’d get if you were playing beside them in the same room. Titles in recent years started moving away from the co-op as more players are online now as opposed to the early days of gaming.

The Gran Turismo series continues to stay split-screen compatible, however, and even allows fans to play in a split-screen setup while they’re playing online.

How can you play Gran Turismo 7 split screen?

The exact details of how you can play Gran Turismo 7 on split-screen aren’t out yet since the game’s only a day away from its release. That being said, the process is likely to be the same as how it was on Gran Turismo Sport.

Players could turn on the split-screen feature in Gran Turismo Sport by doing the following:

  • Launch Gran Turismo and head to the main menu
  • Click on the Arcade tab
  • Choose Two-Player Battle
    • You’ll need a second controller, ready to be connected to your device
  • Once you get the second controller ready, both players will be able to pick their car

After both players choose their car, the race will start on your selected track.