How to play Ajonah in Crucible

Guillermo del Toro would almost certainly main Ajonah.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Amazon’s new free-to-play third-person team shooter, Crucible, is now available to download on Steam with 10 characters to choose from.

Ajonah is somewhere between Shape of Water, Abe Sapien, and Widowmaker. She’s a strange-looking harpoon-wielding amphibian creature but she packs a punch. She’s Crucible’s token sniper and picking off targets is what she does best.

A cunning warrior of the Orisi people, Ajonah plays with her opponent’s minds, forcing them into a false sense of security before gunning them down from range. She has a harpoon gun, a grappling hook, a jamming shroud, and mines at her disposal.

Here’s what you need to know about how to play Ajonah in Crucible.


Hip Fire (left click): Fires a single harpoon. Targets receive critical damage on a headshot.

Aimed Fire (right click to aim, left click to fire): Hold to improve harpoon accuracy, and increase damage. Slows movement. Targets receive critical damage on a headshot.

Grappling Hook (left shift): Fires a retracting grappling hook. Hold to swing.

Jamming Shroud (Q): Deploys a device that jams detection in this area. Tap again to detonate.

Detonate Jamming Shroud (Q when jammer is deployed): Activating the jamming shroud while the jammer is deployed causes it to self-destruct.

Squid Mine (E): Creates a mine that follows a target and explodes, slowing enemies.

Essence upgrades

Level one (choose one)

Quiver Capacity: Increases maximum ammo by two.

Sea’s Bounty: Squid Mines are thrown at increased range. The number of Squad Mines increases by one.

Tidal Reach: Grappling Hook gains an additional charge but reduces range. Increases cooldown by two seconds.

Level two

Deadly Shroud: Detonating an active Jamming Shroud inflicts damage and knocks back targets.

Level three (choose one)

Dazzling Burst: Critical hits blind targets.

Heal in Shadows: Heal 20 health per second when cloaked.

Safe Harbor: Increases speed by +10 percent within Jamming Shroud, including allies.

Level four

Blend With the Reefs: Gain Cloak for 1.5 seconds after using Grappling Hook.

Level five (choose one)

Neurotoxic Venom: Squid Mines have increased slow duration.

Strike to the Head: Increases critical hit multiplier from 2.5 to 3.0

You’re welcome to use any essence update you like, but if you want to keep it safe and survive on the battlefield, then Tidal Reach, Deadly Shroud, Safe Harbor, Blend With the Reefs, and Strike to the Head are your best options. This combination allows you to find as much distance as possible, deal damage, and live to tell the tale.

Plan of attack

Ajonah suits players who have experience with traditional first-person shooters. If you’re keen on Counter-Strike or you dabble in VALORANT, then Ajonah is the hunter for you.

The aim of the game is to inflect as much damage as humanly possible when you’re playing Ajonah. Your harpoon gun deals a considerable amount of damage and can easily take down a lone opponent.

Ajonah is a squishy character, though. If you find yourself in the middle of a skirmish, you’re susceptible to death. You should make sure to find space and be aware of your surroundings when playing Ajonah.

You should always be looking to find the upper ground, sit back, and aim down your sights. The farther you are from your opponents, the better.

If you get caught out or you overextend, you could become a liability. Use your grappling hook to avoid conflict and reposition in a teamfight. Surviving should be your priority.

When engaging in a fight, you should remember to drop down your jamming shroud. It can catch your opponents off guard, giving you and your teammates the upper hand.

Whenever you can, you should also use your mines. You can place three at any one time and surround yourself with protection. If someone creeps up on you, your mines will keep you safe. You could also pop down on an objective and wait for them to score a free kill.

Ajonah is an aim-intensive hunter. If you have high sensitivity, her harpoon gun can be difficult to handle. The best advice is to turn your sensitivity down in the options in both her hip fire and aimed fire states.