How to perform a Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Score in style.

Image via Nintendo

There are a variety of different moves and techniques you can use in Mario Strikers: Battle League to improve your chances of success on the field. When it comes to shooting the ultimate move is the Hyper Strike. A Hyper Strike is a type of shot on goal that triggers a unique animation and scores more points than your regular shot on goals.

Given its significance you’ll want to know how to trigger one of these shots in-game and here are all the steps you’ll need to follow to do so.

How to perform a Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers

Image via Nintendo

Hyper Strikes are the most powerful and accurate shots in the game. These moves are unique to each character and not only look cool but can be used to swing the momentum of a match—they’re worth two points, twice as many as a traditional goal.

To initiate a Hyper Strike you’ll first need to find a hyper orb on the field. These randomly fall from the sky and you’ll know you have one when your character ignites with lightning.

Image via Nintendo

Once you’ve got one handy, you’ll need to be on your offensive side and press and hold the shoot button. Once initiated you’ll need to click the button two more times when the swinging bar lands directly in the slim blue zone. If completed successfully on both sides you’ll then initiate the Hyper Strike.

If both are in the blue you’ll have assured the shot is a goal. Likewise, if they are both in the black then it will be a guaranteed block. Should you land one in either of the orange or blue zones then there is a chance you could still score the ball.

You’ll need to keep your environment in mind before you take the shot. While initiating the move you are very vulnerable to enemy tackles. A great way to avoid this is to either use your allies to slam nearby enemies or use items to clear the field.

This is everything you’ll need to know to shoot Hyper Strikes in future matches.