How to make the Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock

Who knew Sandrock would be so full of sand?

Image via Pathea

My Time at Sandrock developers said they came up with the name because the setting contained a lot of sand and rocks. Naturally, they also made a way for players to clean up some of the sandy mess that will accumulate in their workshop.

The Feather Duster is required for one of the side quests right after the first sand storm. The Church of Light will need some dusting off after the storm covered it in the stuff, but crafting a Feather Duster isn’t immediately available to players.

To craft a Feather Duster, players will need to head to the Commission Guild. As soon as you enter the building, head to the right and you will find a cash register with some recipes in it. There, you can purchase the recipe for the Feather Duster, among other items. Once you have that, return to your workshop to craft it.

Screengrab via Pathea

For materials, you’ll need two wooden sticks, five feathers, and two thin threads. The wood sticks are made at the worktable out of wood that you can get from wood scrap, from bushes, or from the cacti and trees if you want to be a lawbreaker. The feathers come from kicking trees or from monsters, the easiest of which are the Rocket Roosters that are near your workshop. Lastly, the thin thread is from the worktable and is made out of plant fiber, which can also be gathered from chopping down bushes or small patches of grass.

Once you have all of those materials, return to your workbench and you can craft your Feather Duster. You can also use it to dust the sand from your machines and some machines will even warn you that the sand is hindering the machine by a blinking symbol that resembles a pile of sand. Wand your Feather Duster over it and it should get rid of the sand stuck beneath it.