How to link Twitch and MLB The Show 22 accounts

You can earn card packs via drops.

Image via PlayStation

Did you know that you can earn free card packs in MLB The Show 22 by watching the game on Twitch?

Twitch drops are sometimes available for MLB The Show 22, meaning you can earn loot by watching players stream the game on Twitch. This is done by creating an account for The Show and linking your account to your Twitch.

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Linking accounts is a simple operation. First, it’s best to head over to The Show’s account website. You will need to create an account for The Show by linking it to your platform’s account, so whichever console you play the game on.

Once an account for The Show is created and linked with your platform of choice, you’re ready to then link your The Show account to your Twitch account. Once logged in, you will see a screen like this below, allowing you to link your account to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Twitch.

Click on the Twitch button to link your Twitch account by logging in. It’s a quick, simple process, and once it’s done, you can begin earning card packs as drops by watching eligible Twitch streams once drops are active.

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Twitch drops for The Show happen periodically throughout the year, so be sure to pay attention to social channels to know when you can earn packs.