How to level up quickly in Among Us

Here it begins, a new age of Among Us.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us has been able to grow its player base with its interactive gameplay and fun environment. Though each Among Us round is packed with excitement, some players have been looking for that additional incentive to play the game, a progression system.

That changed for the better with the Cosmicubes update since it introduced a leveling system to Among Us. With a progression system in place, it’s only natural for players to wonder what they can do to level up faster. 

While there are tips and tricks in most games that allow players to level up faster than average, that’s currently not the case with Among Us. If you’re looking to increase your level in Among Us as fast as possible, you’ll only need to continue playing the game as you’d normally do without leaving matches. Leaving matches is one of the only conditions that will prevent players from gaining experience.

Continue playing the game as you’ve always been and focus on your in-game role. Considering the progression system is relatively new in Among Us, Innersloth can introduce more ways to level up in the future in shapes of events or quests. Developers enjoy implementing complementary changes to their games’ progression system since it promotes players to play more. These changes and incentives can appear as seasonal events and challenges which players can complete by performing specific in-game tasks.

Leveling up may not seem that important at first, but it can be a decent way to show off how long you’ve been playing Among Us to your friends. The chances are the game may receive more updates in the future that can also use the progression system in place, meaning starting to level up your account right now may pay off in the future.