How to download and install Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on Xbox, PC

The details are messy, but the action is worth it.

Image via Sega

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is finally releasing for fans in the West, with Sega dropping the expansion/revamp of the MMO on June 9. 

PSO2: New Genesis will be coming to PC and Xbox consoles, with releases on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Sega has also promised some form of next-gen updates for the Series X/S version in the future too. 

The game is also available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan, though those versions likely won’t become available outside of the country anytime soon since it is an Xbox console exclusive in the West. But it will be available on PC via the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

Regardless of which platform you will be playing New Genesis on, you will still need to download the game, whether it be by selecting it in the Xbox storefront or by getting the launcher from your choice of PC platform.

Like many other MMOs, fans have currently pointed out that players will likely have the option to download the base game, the new update, or both together. 

This information comes from the initial closed beta version of the PSO2: New Genesis launcher, which has a grayed out drop down menu in the Environment Settings listing options for downloading specific game data. This hasn’t been confirmed in the final version of the game yet, but it is very likely you can pick between install options on at least the PC version. 

Xbox versions of PSO2: New Genesis might work a bit differently since they don’t use the same launcher, but it will likely have separate store listings for each version.