How to heal yourself in Crucible

There are four major ways to keep yourself healthy in Crucible.

Image via Amazon Gaming Studios

When players take damage in Amazon’s latest Battle Royale title, Crucible, their health will not automatically recharge. Instead, players must seek out healing. Luckily there are several ways to top off your health meter.

The first option for healing yourself is to pick up med kits. All players will spawn with one med kit and other kits are spread throughout the map. Med kits come in the form of glowing green orbs, which can be picked up and used later. Players can also pick up med kit amplifiers around the map to increase the base number of med kits they can carry.

The med kit will take a few moments to activate, but also offer the largest burst of healing from any of the healing items. Be careful when you use your kit, though. If you take any damage, your med kit activation will be interrupted.

Additionally, medical stations are also available in various locations around the map. Medical stations look like floating silver pillars with green trim and are most often found at essence harvesters, which are some of the points of interest that Crucible players are tasked to take and defend. Medical stations only offer small bursts of healing, but you can use them repeatedly.

The third way to gain health is from characters abilities. Some characters, who are referred to as hunters, offer healing abilities which allow them to health themselves or, in some cases, their teammates.

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Drakahl, for instance, can use his signature ability Enraged Roar to gain access to a life-stealing claw attack which generates healing over time. Captain Mendoza can call down cover, which conveniently comes with a med kit. Bugg can’t heal his allies, but they can provide shields that are almost as good!

The final way to heal in Crucible is through plants. There are some types of plants which glow green and can be shot to give you small bursts of healing. The plants will release a mist which heals nearby players. The plants are not a great primary healing option, but they can be helpful to top off your health in a pinch. 

Crucible rewards players who manage their health and med kits well. If your team can manage to control the map, search out med kits, and use healing abilities well, your team will have a major advantage on the battlefield. Happy hunting!