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Image via Amazon Game Studios

All characters and abilities in Crucible

Get to grips with Crucible.

Amazon Game Studio’s first big-budget PC game has a lot to live up to.

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Crucible is a free-to-play action-packed third-person team shooter set on a rampant jungle planet in the future. Each match is a fight for survival and control with your enemies and the environment. Overgrown and teeming with life, the world of Crucible is full of surprises.

Crucible will make its grand debut on May 20 and will be available to download for PC on the Steam store. But if you want to get a step ahead of your opponents before you jump into the game, you should learn about each of the playable characters.

Here are all characters and abilities in Crucible.


  • Species: Orisi
  • Homeworld: Orison

Ajonah is a cunning warrior of the Orisi people, a race of amphibian raiders. An opportunist and a master of guerrilla warfare, she harasses her enemies and uses traps to cement her advantage on the battlefield.


  • Hip Fire (LMB): Fires a single harpoon. Targets receive critical damage on a headshot.
  • Aimed Fire (RMB to aim, LMB to fire): Hold to improve harpoon accuracy and increase damage. Slows movement. Targets recieve critical damage on a headshot.
  • Grappling Hook (Shift): Fires a retracting grappling hook. Hold to swing.
  • Jamming Shroud (Q): Deploys a device that jams detection in this area. Tap again to detonate.
  • Detonate Jamming Shroud (Q when jammer is deployed): Activating the jamming shroud while the jammer is deployed causes it to self-destruct.
  • Squid Mine (E): Creates a mine that follows a target and explodes, slowing enemies.


  • Species: Leng-Garr
  • Homeworld: Fresh Air Freehaven, Brinn’s Star

Earl carries a fast-firing heavy weapon, but he’s too big to be a glass cannon. All that bulk gives him tons of health—and the muscle to carry a jet engine that launches him across the battlefield.


  • Fire (LMB): Fires Misty, increasing Turbofire. Turbofire increases fire rate over time.
  • Upshift (RMB): Fires a burst of four explosive rounds and increases Turbofire.
  • Afterburner (Shift): Rocket forward at high speed.
  • Tanking Up (Q): Drink a refreshing beverage to immediately restore health.
  • Blowback Vents (E): Knock enemies back and block projectiles in the immediate area.

Captain Mendoza

  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Larco Vales, Epsilon Canis Majoris

Captain Mendoza is a Unity veteran who favors a pragmatic approach to combat. He’s a classic run-and-gun essence hunter with access to healing and cover to sustain himself through tough encounters.


  • Fire (LMB): Fires rapid shots from pulse rifle. Headshots deal critical damage.
  • Aimed Fire (RMB, LMB to fire): Hold to improve rifle accuracy. Slows your movement. Headshots deal critical damage.
  • Spring (Shift): Tap or hold down to move faster.
  • Supply Drop (Q): Calls down a med kit and bunker. Bunker knocks back opponents on landing.
  • Flash Grenade (E): Mendoza throws a flash grenade which blinds enemies.


  • Species: Robot
  • Homeworld: Scalzi-DokaniMo Lagrange Factory, Mars Orbital District

Don’t let this robot’s adorable exterior fool you. Bugg can slow enemies, shield allies, and deploy plant turrets to needle the opposition, which makes him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


  • Sprayer (LMB): Damages opponents and activates seed pods.
  • Seed Pod (RMB): Fire a seed pod that can by activated by spraying.
  • Thrusters (Shift): Thrusters propel you forward and vertically.
  • Shield Burst (Q): You, your seed pods, your plants, and nearby allies gain a temporary overshield.
  • Crop Dust (E): Creates a slowing, damaging, area of effect beneath you.


  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Tau Ceti Shipy and Belts

Summer can use her fiery abilities as often as she likes, until her custom twin flamethrowers overheat and momentarily shut down. Getting a little risky keeps things interesting, right?


  • Flamethrowers (LMB): Fires a continuous cone of flame. Enmies do not block line of fire. Generates heat. Abilities shut down when overheated.
  • Fireball (RMB): Fire a long-range fireball that explodes on impact. Generates heat.
  • Firepulse Thrusters (Shift): Jump up and forward. Generates heat.
  • Magma Spiral (Q): Summer creates a circular pattern of flaming magma. Generates heat.
  • Ignition Spark (E): Creates a blast that knocks you and opponents back. Generates heat.


  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Na Dakkaru

Shakirri is a talented, honorable hunter who prefers to confront her enemies head-on. A master of quickness and precision, she doesn’t just defeat her enemies—she does it with style and grace. Her unmatched determination and self-confidence mean she’ll never give up.


  • Fire Pistol (LMB, Pistol Stance): Fire your Starlock pistol.
  • Aim Pistol (RMB, Pistol Stance): Hold to improve weapon accuracy.
  • Swing (LMB, Sword Stance): Attack with your sword.
  • Disrupting Strike (RMB, Sword Stance): Unleash an energy wave that disrupts opponents.
  • Weapon Swap (Shift): Toggle between sword and pistol as your primary weapon. Sword stance moves faster.
  • Force Dome (Q): Creates a dome that blocks enemy attacks and prevents enemies from crossing.
  • Holo-Shield (E): Deploys a force shield that deflects projectiles and blocks melee attacks.


  • Species: Chirt
  • Homeworld: Chirta

Tosca is an agent of chaos, so the winner-take-all battles on Crucible suit her just fine. With a high-tech shotgun and a short-range teleport, she can blast her enemies and escape untouched. If you’re planning a fair fight against Tosca, you’ve already lost.


  • Acid Shot (LMB): Fires a scattershot of acid bullets.
  • Adhesive Alpha (RMB): Throw an explosive compound inflicting damage and slowing your target.
  • Blink (Shift): Short-range teleport in the direction of movement. Passes through obstacles.
  • Electro-Cloud (Q): Create a smoke screen that disrupts enemies detection and blocks line of sight.
  • X-Ray Goggles (E): Immediately detect all opponents with 50 meters in front of you.


  • Species: Krake
  • Homeworld: The Heox Org

Drakahl is the nastiest example of a nasty, warlike race. His combination of brute force and psychotic ferocity make him one of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy.


  • Enraged Claw (LMB, enraged): While enraged, Chop becomes Enraged Claw, a claw attack that generates healing over time.
  • Resonating Spin (LMB, while resonating): While resonating, Chop becomes Resonating Spin, a spinning attack that bleeds all enemies.
  • Sonic Pulse (RMB): Fire Sonic Pulse from vibron axe.
  • Enraged Grab (RMB, while enraged): While enraged, Sonic Pulse becomes Enraged Grab,a short-range attack that pulls one enemy towards you.
  • Resonating Quake (RMB, while resonating): While resonating, Sonic Pulse becomes Resonating Quake, a shockwave attack that stuns and damages nearby opponents.
  • Junk (Space): Drakahl jets forward in the current direction
  • Rush (Shift): Dash forward in the direction your camera is facing.
  • Enraged Roar (Q): You become enraged. Choose between a life-stealing claw attack or a ranged grab attack.
  • Resonating Axe (E): Your axe hums with power. Choose between a spinning damage over time area attack or a stunning area attack.

Rahi and Brother

  • Species: Human and Robot
  • Homeworld: None

Rahi and Brother form a perfect partnership. Rahi’s got the heart, Brother’s got the brains, and together they’ve got a mission to make the galaxy a better place for everyone. They’re also an effective fighting duo with close-range brawling tactics, shield manipulating, and reconnaissance utility.


  • Shoot Laser Beam (LMB): Fires a laser for piercing damage. Attack generates a small amount of shields.
  • Force Punch (RMB): Heavy melee attack that drains personal shields to deal extra damage.
  • Scouting Ahead (Shift): Rahi sends Brother to a target location. Rahi gains version of the area surrounding Brother.
  • To The Rescue (Shift, while Scout Ahead active): While Scouting Ahead, activating the ability again will teleport Rahi to brthoer’s current location.
  • Laugh it Off (Q): Gain personal shield which increases over time.
  • Shield of Justice (E): Send projectile to shield allies, blinding enemies in its path.
  • Heroic Bound (Jump): Rahi executes a power jump that can be charged by holding down the button.


  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Efran’s Canton, Diasproa System

As an ex-Unity soldier, Sazan understands the value of having the right tool for the job. Her preference is an electro-knife, a shotgun, and an inertia gun.


  • Attack (LMB, Inertia Gun): Attack with an Inertia gun, which applies a stacking slow effect upon hit.
  • Attack (LMB, Shotgun): Attack with a shotgun, which fires a powerful short-range burst.
  • Throw Knife (LMB, ElectroKnife): Attack with an electroknife, which applies a long-lasting DoT upon hit.
  • Equip Electroknife (RMB): Sazan switches to her electroknife, recharging weapon energy.
  • Jet-Dash (Shift): Dash in the direction of movement.
  • Equpt Inertia Gun (Q): Sazan switches to her Inertia gun, recharging weapon energy.
  • Equip Shotgun (E): Sazan switches to her shotgun, recharging weapon energy.

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