How to get to level 4 in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins in My Time at Sandrock

Players will need to get digging to get lower in the ruins.

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My Time at Sandrock brings a fresh perspective to the ruins that were in My Time at Portia. But navigating through the different levels is a little bit more difficult than it was before.

In the introduction to the Eufaula Salvage Ruins, which is unlocked early in the game and is the first ruin players are introduced to, the tips tell the player they can press F to start their scanner and see different things throughout the mine.

What the scanner doesn’t tell you is that to find new pathways, you sometimes will need to dig to a certain point to be able to see them with your scanner. After that, pressing F and bringing up the scanner will show the player an arrow inside a circle for doorways that don’t lead to new levels, and an arrow coming from a rectangle for doorways that do lead to another level of the ruin.

Getting to level three in the ruins isn’t difficult and is very straightforward, but getting to level four will take some digging.

How to get to level four in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins in My Time at Sandrock

When you first enter level three in the mines, the first door isn’t too difficult to find. Turn on your scanner, grab some of the copper ore that is sitting by the door, and continue through until you come into a large room that may be a little more difficult to find than the first one.

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When you enter the second room you’ll be met with a big room that goes pretty deep. When you enter this room, it’s unlikely that your scanner will find the entrance right away. The entrance into the next room is almost directly underneath the platform that you stand on when you came from room one. Dig down toward the wall and your scanner should find the door after some mining toward it. This room is the hardest for most people to find since the room is so deep and it is mostly filled with dirt, which doesn’t yield too many useful materials.

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The third room is a little easier to find since the door is again almost directly underneath the door you just walked through, but it’s closer to the platform than the previous door. Using your scanner should find it pretty quickly. Digging through the door will open up the fourth and final area in level three.

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The fourth and final room is nearly identical to the first room. The door is in the same position in relation to the door you just walked through and it will take you down to the fourth level of the ruins. You’ll know you’ve found the right door when you see a black portal with golden flecks floating around it.

Screengrab via Pathea

It’s worth noting the location of each of these doors since the rooms can often be similar when going through the ruins. The more you get to know the general layout of common rooms, the faster it will be to navigate through them. Soon enough, you’ll be at level 11, the lowest level you can get to in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins.