How to get the key and passcode to the Daunt Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West

The Daunt Ruin is the first one players will come across in Horizon Forbidden West.

Image via Guerrilla Games

One of the first ruins players will get to explore is the Daunt Ruin, which is the first non-tutorial zone of Horizon Forbidden West.

Ruins act as puzzles that players need to complete. They can have items in them, as well as experience points for solving them. Once you reach the Daunt, you’ll be able to do the ruin right away. The ruin is close to one of the objectives of the To the Brink quest to the south of where you enter the Daunt.

To access the ruin, find a crate and push it into the ruins, next to one of the yellow handles. Jump on top of the crate and climb up, then head to the balcony outside and go to your left. Take a running leap over the gap and drop down into the next room.

Screengrab via Sony

There, you’ll see a datapad named “Your Red Permit Code.” Above and behind you, there will be a crate that you can use your Pullcaster to yank down. There’s also a ventilation shaft you’ll need to yank with your Pullcaster as well. Jump onto a ledge to the left of the shaft using the crate you pulled down. Then, jump over to the shaft and walk through it to the next room.

Screengrab via Sony

In the next area, use the Pullcaster on the cracked wall to pull it down. Inside, you’ll find another crate. Walk into the new room and jump down into the hole, then look for the blue beam on the ceiling.

Screengrab via Sony

Pull it down with the Pullcaster and a crate will fall down the hole. Push it to the other side of the room and stand on top to climb the yellow beam. Once you reach the roof, there will be a balcony on the left. Jump over to it and find the key module.

Once you have the key, head back to the first room and put the key into the console, and type the code in, which is found in the datapad you picked up earlier. After you insert the key and enter code 1705, the ruin will be marked as complete.