How to get the Inhibitor inside the Downtown Electrical Station in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Don't miss out on two Inhibitors during the main story quest.

Image via Techland

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Inhibitors are a valuable resource. They increase your immunity, which is crucial when it comes to surviving after sunset. They also allow you to boost your health or stamina, depending on your choice.

Thus, you should go for any of the nearby Inhibitors once you get a chance. Thanks to the GRE access key, which players receive at the beginning of the game, you’ll be made aware every time you approach an Inhibitor container.

There are a few of the containers you’ll encounter throughout the main story. One of them is during the A Place to Call Home quest. This one, however, isn’t that easy to reach.

In this mission, your task is to turn on the power in the Downtown Electrical Station, which will also unlock another activity for Aiden. The key to powering up the station is connecting three separate generators, which is quite simple. Once you do that, you’ll need to assign the power either to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors.

After you turn the power on in the Downtown Electrical Station, it’s best to reach out for the Inhibitor Container, which is located in the upper levels of the area. To do so, you’ll need to go outside and take the lift. Once you’re up there, you’ll find the GRE Crate with two Inhibitors inside.