How to get the Fat Black Chocobo Mount on Final Fantasy XIV

It all happens on Twitch.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The Fat Black Chocobo mount is up to grabs once again, which will please Final Fantasy XIV fans who aim to collect all the Chocobo cosmetics in the game.

It’s the reward of a collaboration event between developer Square Enix and streaming platform Twitch, according to Square Enix’s latest blogpost.

The goal of this collaboration is to reward players who support longstanding content creators of the community, such as MrHappy, ZeplaHQ, and MTQCapture.

To unlock the mount, players have to gift four subs to an eligible streamer, even if it’s Tier One only. English, French, German, Spanish, and Finnish-speaking streamers were selected to participate in this event. For one sub gifted, the players will also receive 100 Heavenscrackers.

There is one condition, though: You can’t get the mount if you own a free trial account. You must have purchased the game, even without the expansions, to earn it.

There’s no need to connect your Twitch and Square Enix accounts, since you’ll receive the whistle item to summon the mount via a code to redeem in FF XIV shop. But beware, since anonymous gift subs don’t count for the mount.

Here is the list of eligible English-speaking streamers:

Image via Square Enix

How to get the Fat Black Chocobo Mount on Final Fantasy XIV?

To gift a sub, head to the channel of your choice and select the Gift a Sub option in the Home tab. You can enter “4” in the Custom Quantity tab, and choose to offer them either to random viewers or specific ones. Offering four subs will cost you around $19.96. The subs don’t have to be gifted on only one channel, though. You can give subs on four different channels and whenever you want during the event starting from June 24, 1pm CT to Aug. 24, 1pm CT to receive the reward.

Once it’s done, and you have successfully received your whistle code in your notifications tab, head to FF XIV‘s Mog Station and select the menu Your Account. Select the service account you want to get the reward if you own several of them. Then, select Enter Item Code and input the received code. Follow the next steps as indicated. Once it’s done, the item will appear in your Warrior of Light’s inventory.

Unlocking this mount have always been tied to promotional events, such as a collaboration with KFC in China and another with Amazon in 2019. The mount will be up to grabs for two months, which should be enough time to let players decide if they’re willing to gift a few subs to get the Fat Black Chocobo mount. If not, they’ll have to wait for another opportunity in the future to get it.

“It may be possible to obtain these items via other means in the future,” Square Enix said in the blog post.