How to get Stubs in MLB The Show 22

It's a currency all players should get familiar with.

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Baseball season is upon us and it’s time to grind Stubs to max out your squad in MLB The Show 22.

Stubs are the in-game currency in MLB The Show and they’re used for just about everything when playing any of the game’s online modes in Diamond Dynasty. They’re used to buy and sell player cards, items, customization options, and more.

If you want to buy Stubs, you’re more than welcome to by purchasing them with real-world money. But there are plenty of other ways to earn Stubs by simply playing the game in a specific manner and having some fun along the way.

Here’s how to get Stubs in MLB The Show 22.

Diamond Dynasty

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The main way of earning Stubs in a quick manner is by playing through Diamond Dynasty’s modes, specifically by completing its Programs. Whatever the active Program is will have a lot of Missions, Moments, Collections, Exchanges, and many more to play through and earn Stubs and XP.

As you level up with XP, you will unlock packs and more Stubs. Throughout the year, more Programs, Missions, and more are added with consistent updates. This also means new cards, new players to chase, and more.

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Some Programs reward cards that can then be sold on the marketplace. Stubs are used to both buy and sell cards on the online marketplace, where cards are constantly being exchanged by players across the world. Keeping that in mind…

Sell the big ones

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If you open packs and get lucky enough to earn a card that is selling for a super-high value on the market, it might be worth selling them off to get a ton of Stubs to help fill out your team or use for other things.

While it might be enticing to have someone like Ronald Acuna Jr. on your Diamond Dynasty squad, his asking price on the market could fetch you something like 50-plus packs or several other high-quality players selling on the marketplace.

Good old gameplay

Every time you play MLB The Show 22, no matter the mode, you will be accumulating XP and Stubs. Simply play the game and check the post-game report to see how much XP and Stubs you earn for each performance. This can be done in Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, online play, and even Franchise mode.

Break out the wallet

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If all else fails and you need Stubs urgently to pick up a hot card that just dropped, you can always use real-world money to purchase them. Stubs can be purchased ranging from a minimum of 1,000 all the way up to 150,000.