How to get silver ore in V Rising

Vampires? Collecting silver? It's more likely than you'd think.

Image via V Rising

It’s a little odd that a game about vampires requires you to collect silver. As told in many a fairy tale and legend, silver is one of the materials that humans can use to kill vampires. Despite this lethal connection, silver is an important material in V Rising.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy to get to, though. Silver is one of the game’s endgame materials, and as such, it’s hidden well and requires you to put up a fight first. Those who stick it out will be able to craft unique jewelry, strengthen their weapons, and trade with NPCs throughout the world who require the ore for their own nefarious purposes.

Here’s how to get silver ore in V Rising.

Head to the mines

The best place to find silver ore is within the mine at Silverlight Hills. Appropriately called the Sacred Silver Mines, this mine contains plenty of veins of silver ore that can be mined, provided your tools are upgraded enough. One of the biggest veins lies in the northwestern quadrant of Silverlight Hills, so head straight there if you’re not interested in exploring.

You won’t be able to just walk in the front door and start gathering silver, though. Plenty of level 60 mobs call this area home, so make sure your gear and weapons can withstand an onslaught of that strength. You’ll also need to sneak around some areas, so put your disguises to good use. Once you find a mineral node containing silver, take a swing and start filling your inventory. If you’re looking for sulphur, it’s also abundant in this mine.

Strength sapper

In keeping with vampiric storytelling traditions, once the silver is in your inventory, you’ll start to take damage from it. If you try to stuff your bags with too much, you’ll start taking a fair amount of damage. When combined with the damage from nearby enemies, this can be enough to wipe out even the heartiest bloodsucker.

To negate the damage and make it out of the mines safely with your silver, try drinking a silver resistance potion after picking up the ore. Certain magic-imbued items also provide damage resistance to silver, so it might be worth researching those before making the trip to the Sacred Silver Mines. If you don’t have either of these options at your disposal, simply heal frequently and keep an eye on your health at all times.

Once the silver has been removed from the mines, you can use a Scourgestone to transform it into dark silver, which won’t cause you to take damage and can be crafted into armor, weapons, and items.