How to get leather in V Rising

Everyone deserves a leather jacket.

Image via Stunlock Studios

Leather is one of the earlier crafting materials that players will encounter in V Rising. Though you may not have leather in your inventory, there’s a good chance that you’ll have most of the required materials to craft your own leather.

Soon after grasping the ropes, players will find themselves taking down many creatures like bears and wolves. You’ll need the animal hide that drops from animals to get leather in V Rising. If you’ve got enough animal hides in your inventory, then you’re halfway ready to craft leather in V Rising.

How to craft leather in V Rising

Players will need to build a Blood Altar at their castle to take the steps toward crafting leather. You’ll use the Blood Altar to track the boss that unlocks the Tannery, Keely the Frost Archer. After defeating this 20-level boss, you’ll learn how you can build a Tannery in your base, requiring you to have eight planks and 160 animal hides.

After building the Tannery, you’ll be able to place 16 animal hides and turn them into a single leather. 

How to defeat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising

Keely the Frost Archer is one of the easier bosses in the game. You can defeat her by making sure your item level is at least 20 and taking the encounter during nighttime. Keely is more powerful during the day. Though you can take on the boss yourself, you’ll also have the option to set free the animals in the surrounding cages and let them damage her to reduce her HP.

If you’re having trouble getting past the encounter even at night time, you should come back to it later after increasing your item level with upgrades or new items.