How to get into Lenne’s Rise Tower in Elden Ring

It's extremely simple.

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Elden Ring has a ton of hidden passageways and buildings for players to explore. One of these can be found at the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace within the large tower.

Like other locations, the entry to this building is sealed shut by magic and there looks to be no way to open it. While it might seem like all hope is lost, with a plan and a little searching you can find your way into the building with ease.

This is a location that you can visit at any point of the game so there’s no reason you shouldn’t do so from the moment you find the place. Here’s everything you will need to know so that you can gain access to the tower.

How to get into Lenne’s Rise Tower

Image via FromSoftware

Despite the spell-sealed door that is in your way, getting into Lenne’s Rise Tower is actually incredibly easy.

All you need to do is head around the build to its right side and you’ll notice an airstream that you can use Torrent to leap from. Leap up this stream and you can land higher up on the tower.

From here, either climb the stairs higher or enter the building descending down depending on which way you’d like to venture first.

Inside there is a bit of loot to be found and a handful of enemies to take on. Once you’re ready to leave you can exit the same way that you entered.


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