How to get drops in Splitgate

Drop it.

Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate has recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to its addictive gameplay and interactive features. Once you figure out all the mechanics, Splitgate can be a blast to play

Like most free-to-play titles, Splitgate also relies on cosmetics for monetization. This doesn’t mean that players have to spend real-life money to unlock cosmetic items in the game, though. Completing certain tasks rewards players with drops that include cosmetic rewards.

If you crack the code on how to get drops as frequently as possible, you can build yourself a cosmetics library with time and continue to enjoy the game. Here’s how you can get drops in Splitgate.

Level up

Leveling up is one of the core ways of unlocking drops in Splitgate. After every match, you’ll be rewarded with experience that’ll go towards to your next level.

As of now, players can only unlock with each level until 10. This may change in the future as the game leaves its beta stage. Since more players are likely to pick up the game, however, more rewards will be needed for further progression.

Complete challenges

There are weekly and daily challenges in Splitgate that players can complete while playing the game. These challenges are a decent source of XP, and they can also reward players with drops from time to time.

The challenges include simple gameplay tasks like scoring kills and can be completed in a few matches without too much effort.

Log in daily

Even if you don’t plan on playing Splitgate, logging in daily to keep up with the daily login rewards can help you accumulate more drops in the long run. 

The daily login reward is usually just XP, but considering levels reward players with drops, you’ll want to get a hold of all the extra XP you can find. Logging in for seven days in a row will also net you 100 Splitcoins that can be spent on drops.

The Arena Pass

The Arena Pass is a core part of the game, and it’s essentially Splitgate’s Battle Pass system. Leveling up your Arena Pass will be ideal if you’re looking to unlock as many cosmetics as possible. Occasionally, you’ll also run into drops as tier rewards, making the Arena Pass a decent way to stack up more rewards.

Until tier 12, you’ll earn a drop for every four tiers you unlock. After tier 12, however, there won’t be any other drops available. This may also change toward the game’s release as developers find more time to work on progression.

All rewards can be opened in the Reward Center. In there, you’ll also see your Daily Check-in and Daily Play Streak status.